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Users log in securely and can add and assign chores.

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View and filter chores for the entire clan.

Bookstack screenshot - products view

Earn items for completed chores and sell them for cash.


  • Implemented Redux-Toolkit slices to create store, utilized Supabase APIs to retrieve data asynchronously
  • Implemented filtering with memoization using Redux Reselect
  • Contributed to developing the relational database


I was responsible for enabling a filtering feature and I learned Redux Tookit and Reselect to make it work. Reselect was used specifically because it enables memoization for improved performance.

There was definitely a learning curve involved as I had never previously used Redux Toolkit or Reselect. I stuck with it, reading through the docs and following a couple tutorials. Soon I had filtered results working. I am especially proud that I was able to quickly learn and apply these new technologies.

Project information

  • Category:
    • Progressive Web App
  • Technologies:
    • PostgreSQL, Supabase, Next.js, Redux, React, PayPal API, Tailwind CSS, Daisy UI
    • Live Project
    • GitHub