Op-ed: Making freedom count?

A volunteer handed me the circular “I VOTED” sticker as I walked out the door of my polling place. I smiled, thanked her, and flipped the disk between my fingers as I considered placing it on my T-shirt. Walking back to the car, I gave a cursory glance to the secondary message of the badge. My …


digital: USFSP DJD Program graphics

Mark Walters, director of USFSP’s Master’s program in Digital Journalism and Design asked for my help creating some digital content for classes in the web-based program. These graphics were eventually animated for an online interactive learning environment.  

print: Chimp-ala-Warhol Prints

A set of prints made from a former drawing series where artist self portraits were recreated using primates. Each color separation (except for background images) was hand-drawn on screens and printed by me.                         And Warhol’s original self portrait from 1964 for reference: