The Crow’s Nest Student Newspaper at USFSP

The Crow’s Nest is the student-run newspaper at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Over the summer of 2012, I started working as creative director of The Crow’s Nest and collaborated with the editors to redesign the paper from the ground up. The redesign focused on strong font page imagery and included updated branding, …


print: Student Time Infographic

This booklet explores a 21 day period in the life of a graphic design student at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Data was collected and analyzed on 5 categories: school time, software use, personal time, media consumption, and activity time. Each group member organized respective sets of data, providing a unique visual representation …


motion: Crow Translation

This was a school project in which the translation of a word was explored through stop-motion photography. Though we had a limited amount of time for this project, I could see making this a full-length video to accompany the entire song.

Op-ed: Making freedom count?

A volunteer handed me the circular “I VOTED” sticker as I walked out the door of my polling place. I smiled, thanked her, and flipped the disk between my fingers as I considered placing it on my T-shirt. Walking back to the car, I gave a cursory glance to the secondary message of the badge. My …


print: Chimp-ala-Warhol Prints

A set of prints made from a former drawing series where artist self portraits were recreated using primates. Each color separation (except for background images) was hand-drawn on screens and printed by me.                         And Warhol’s original self portrait from 1964 for reference: